Subscribable iCal Calendars

What is this?

With Apple’s iCal app, you can subscribe to calendars that others have published online. Here are a couple of calendars we offer for your convenience, containing for instance week numbers and national holidays.

Step 1: Choose duration

If you like, you can create calendars that span several years. By default, our calendars span three years—from last year to next year.

Note: Very long durations might affect the performance of your iCal app.

Calendars should cover years thru

Generate “rolling” calendars?

A “rolling” calendar is one that moves with time. Next year, it will still cover last year thru next year, if that’s the span you’ve chosen.

Yes, generate “rolling” calendars.

If you’re satisified with the defaults, continue to the next step.

Step 2: Click to subscribe

Clicking the calendars below automatically notifies iCal that you want to subscribe, allowing you to set options.

Note: If you configure iCal to refresh automatically, please select “every week” as the interval. There’s no use refreshing every fifteen minutes.

Step 3: Enjoy

There is no step three. Check back as we add more calendars.

The folks at Oops.