Subscribable iCal Calendars

What is this?

With Apple�s iCal app, you can subscribe to calendars that others have published online. Here are a couple of calendars we offer for your convenience, containing for instance week numbers and national holidays.

Step 1: Choose duration

If you like, you can create calendars that span several years. By default, our calendars span three years—from last year to next year.

Note: Very long durations might affect the performance of your iCal app.

Calendars should cover years thru

Generate “rolling” calendars?

A “rolling” calendar is one that moves with time. Next year, it will still cover last year thru next year, if that�s the span you�ve chosen.

Yes, generate “rolling” calendars.

If you�re satisified with the defaults, continue to the next step.

Step 2: Click to subscribe

Clicking the calendars below automatically notifies iCal that you want to subscribe, allowing you to set options.

Note: If you configure iCal to refresh automatically, please select “every week” as the interval. There�s no use refreshing every fifteen minutes.

Step 3: Enjoy

There is no step three. Check back as we add more calendars.

The folks at Oops.